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The Austin Peay Experience highlights what APSU is doing to become the region’s university of choice by its centennial in 2027.

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Wednesday Dec 06, 2023

The Clarinet and Irish Traditional Music are an unlikely pairing, but they're one that Bernadette John says fits perfectly together. Check out our interview with Austin Peay's second-ever Fulbright student scholar on this episode of The Austin Peay Experience.

Wednesday Oct 11, 2023

Austin Peay State University’s Eriksson College of Education has prepared world-class teachers for almost a century, and now the University is taking a 21st-century approach to that effort with the Grow Your Own program. What started as a way to combat the country’s teacher shortage has grown into a nationally recognized apprenticeship program, with 80 graduates crossing the commencement stage since the project’s inception in 2018. Learn more about the program from this interview with Dr. Prentice Chandler, dean of the College of Education. 

Thursday Oct 05, 2023

For this episode of Austin Peay Extras, we're highlighting Professor Jody Alberd's recent talk, "The Robot Revolution: Navigating AI, Automation and the Workforce of Tomorrow." As a professor in the Department of Engineering Technology, Alberd is an expert on the subject of automation, and gave the talk during the most recent Science on Tap event on Oct. 2.

The Man Behind the Mascot

Monday Aug 28, 2023

Monday Aug 28, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: The famed Governor Mascot gives a rare interview. Learn more about what goes on in the mind behind the mascot, as The Gov helps us kick off a new semester of classes.

Friday Mar 31, 2023

Austin Peay State University hosted "Racism not Race: A Scientific Approach to the Myth of Race and the Cost of Racism," a lecture by renowned geneticist Joseph L. Graves Jr., March 21 at the Jack Hunt STEM Center.
As an expert on human genetic variation and what it means to be human - both biologically and socially - Graves addressed the myths of race and the social construct of racism. As the first African American evolutionary biologist, Graves has conducted extensive research on the topic.

Monday Mar 13, 2023

Welcome to Austin Peay Extras – the podcast series where we share some of the fascinating talks and lectures hosted by the University each semester. In this episode, Dr. Mike Wilson shares what BigFoot, ostrich eggs and a local manhunt have in common. The talk comes from the March Science on Tap, with Wilson’s Myths, Mysteries and Manhunts, hosted by the College of STEM.

Thursday Feb 16, 2023

We’re continuing Season Two of The Austin Peay Experience Podcast with “In Session,” a look at some of the exciting classes the University offers. This episode, we're talking to Ebone Amos, assistant professor of African American Studies in the Department of Theatre and Dance, about her class, African American Expressive Culture.

Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

It's Season Two, In Session, of The Austin Peay Experience Podcast, and this spring we're looking at some of the exciting classes the University offers. This episode, we're talking to Dr. Stanley Yates, professor of music, about his class, The Beatles: Music, Society and Culture. Sixty years have passed since The Beatles first hit the scene. Why do we still love them? Dr. Yates tells us why.

Friday Dec 16, 2022

Dr. Dwayne Estes, executive director of the Southeastern Grasslands Institute, talks about the forgotten Walker-Smith Expedition of 1779, which was a survey of the state boundary line between what was at the time still considered North Carolina and Virginia, giving us a look at what Tennessee looked like almost 200 years ago.

Thursday Nov 03, 2022

For this episode of Season One: Forgotten Tennessee, Dr. Antonio Thompson, APSU professor of history, discusses his research into German POWs housed in Tennessee and Kentucky during World War II. Thompson has two new books coming out, and the first - "Axis Prisoners of War in Tennessee: Coerced Labor and the Captive Enemy on the Home Front, 1941-1946" - will be published this November 2022.


Austin Peay State University

Austin Peay State University, named after a former Tennessee governor, is located on an urban campus in Clarksville, Tennessee, that for over 180 years has been used for educational purposes and on which the buildings of five colleges have stood. With more than 50 graduate and 125 undergraduate degree paths, Austin Peay is a major regional provider of higher education, offering the country’s first registered apprenticeship for teaching and adding new programs in national security studies, aviation science and animation.


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